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Presenting Dellstem, an automated online software system for your paperless and time effective online processing.

One of a first kind cloud based application that concentrates on safe and secure admission process. Mission to simplify the admission process and take institutes one step forward with technology. It is a cloud based service that makes the complete process paperless and effective.

Built for All Types of  Educational Institutes

Any Institutes can integrate the simple and secure online admission system with their existing institute website and start receiving admission form instantly.

Support both Institutes and Applicants

Dellstem’s online admission accelerates institutes to receive error free form along followed by online payment which reduces the institute’s effort by 80%. Applicants are benefited with a hassle free admission process.

Key Highlights

What makes Dellstem automated, simplified and streamlined system for admission process?



Cloud based automated paperless system makes complete cycle of admission process digitalized and effortless.


We bring 100% control and transparency over handling and monitoring application forms, enquiries and enrolments.


Real-time analytical dashboards and reports give complete insights and empower you to make right decisions.

Highly Secure

Highly secured and multi-layered application architecture and data encryption ensures integrity, security and privacy of student data.

Cost Effective

Exclusive business model and best ROI makes it the right choice for your institute in terms of cost and investment.

Accurate and Reliable

Accurate and Reliable

Enhanced validations and limited human involvement makes data more accurate and reliable.

Key Features

Dellstem streamlines and integrates the operation processes and information flow in the organization to synchronize the resources.

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Dellstem, the recommended online admission system for all types of educational institutes; backed by latest technology & highly scalable servers.

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