Woman heard screaming so loudly over spider her neighbour called the police

Woman heard screaming so loudly over spider her neighbour called the police

Five police officers turned up at Hollie Hunter’s flat on Monday night after she freaked out about a “massive spider” in her bedroom and started screaming and crying

A woman who began screaming loudly when she spotted a spider in her bedroom was “mortified” when five concerned police officers turned up on her doorstep.

Hollie Hunter said she freaked out when she saw a “massive spider” in her bedroom on Monday night and a neighbour rang the police.

When Police Scotland officers arrived at her flat in Livingston, they found that the 30-year-old pensions administrator was not being attacked but she needed help with an eight-legged intruder.

“I think I was screaming and crying and making such a racket that my neighbour thought I was being attacked.

“I looked through the peephole and five policemen were standing there. I opened my door, and before they could say anything I just cried: ‘I’m so sorry there’s a spider under my bed and I’m petrified!’”

She said the officers found the spider underneath her mattress and removed it, but “not without laughing” at her.

In a post on Facebook, Ms Hunter said she had “never been so mortified” and said “it’s time to seek help for my phobias.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said officers were called to a disturbance at a property in Livingston at 10.20pm on Monday.

“Suitable advice and assistance was provided and the spider was located and removed,” he added.

It comes as Brits are being warned that spiders are beginning to crawl into people’s homes to find somewhere warm to mate.

While female spiders are known to stay in one place and establish themselves inside a warm property, males are always wandering.

Leading ecologist Dr Chris Terrell-Nield, of Nottingham Trent University, said house spiders can be up to 10cm long.

He told The Mirror : “The spider that is coming into houses at the moment is the house spider and it is one of Britain’s biggest spiders.

“The males are up to 10cm across the leg span and can be the size of your hand – that is the top range but it can be two thirds of that size.

“The size is down to how much they have eaten. They are not dangerous but they can give you a nip.”