3 Reasons Why Your School Needs Dellstem!

3 Reasons Why Your School Needs Dellstem!

Traditional methods of management always keep changing, and if you don’t change with time, you face
become outdated. Old methods of school management in terms of admission system & lead
management were manual in nature. Because of that, a lot of transparency was lost, a lot of time was
consumed and a lot of money was wasted.

Today is the era of smart technology and Dellstem is an ideal way to ease school hassles using the best
of technology. Here are 3 reasons why your school needs Dellstem-

1. Online admission system-
With every system available online, would you still want your students and their parents to waste time
standing in queues while your staff goes about tedious paperwork? Dellstem helps you conduct school
admission through an online platform that doesn’t enforce long queues or even need a staff! Everything
in an admission process can be accessed through Dellstem!

2. Enquiry management system
Once you have an enquiry for admission or for any other purpose, it becomes necessary for schools to
keep a track of it. Innumerous leads come in several times, so managing them becomes a task as well.
With Dellstem, you can conveniently see through the list which is segregated in a way that tracking
becomes a cakewalk. This way, you can systematically get back to leads and ensure the best results for
your school!

3. Resource Management-
Traditional methods of school and admission management waste a lot of resources. Time of applicants
and administrators is wasted, paper is wasted, money for conducting admission is wasted and workforce
efforts are underutilized. When you opt for Dellstem, the entire process is virtual- which means that the
applicants can sit at home and fill in applications while the staff can simply access the system to ensue
admission criteria without working even a minute extra!

Choose the smarter option and opt for Dellstem.
You can get a free Demo to see how it works by clicking HERE!

Neetesh Goswami

Neetesh Goswami is a IT professional and Founder of Dellstem Solutions Pvt Ltd. He has 10+ years of experience in IT sector. Prior to Founding Dellstem, he worked as Senior Software Developer in reputed IT Organizations in India.

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