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The Simple and Easy Admission System Software

People often talk about the improved education system with modernization and technological integration, yet what they generally overlook is the fact that the road to education, the admission process in itself, remains to be one that is full of suffering and panic. Both, for the management and students.

Education is important; it is the path that showers light even in the darkest of tunnels. And school, it is the starting point of that journey. Identities are built over the initial years a child spends in the school. The teachers and school management shape the faces of tomorrow. However, it is also the student and the management that face the most problems!


With universities and colleges taking the fort of being important, the significance of school is often undermined; the admission process, more so. The admission process in India is one hectic affair. The long queues, endless visits to school premises and not to forget the scorching summers during which the admissions take place; the school management too suffers a long run of busy schedules.


So much paper and time wasted!


How about a good solution?




That is the one word solution for all your school admission related hassle. Converting the entire system into an online program, it has vowed on a way to make the admissions for schools not only easy, but efficient.


Having endured the test of time with admissions themselves, the co founders had the satisfaction of turning their frustrations into something productive. Having opened their services to only schools, they have ensured a productive tomorrow. Often ignored otherwise, Dellstem stood up to stem the foundations of people’s identity.


School – Stem of one’s identity.


Dellstem – On a mission to simplify admission.

“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside”- Lon Watters

Neetesh Goswami

Neetesh Goswami is a IT professional and Founder of Dellstem Solutions Pvt Ltd. He has 10+ years of experience in IT sector. Prior to Founding Dellstem, he worked as Senior Software Developer in reputed IT Organizations in India.

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