Dellstem, ensuring top level transparency!

Dellstem, ensuring top level transparency!

An admission procedure conducted manually is a tedious, long and dreary process. Most importantly, it is subjected to a lot of fallacy as human error is imminent. That’s why we experience instances where we find a lot of applications disappearing or deserved candidates not making it on the list. That is certainly not fair, but where there is human involvement, there ought to be error.


Transparency is not a jargon restricted to malpractices. Mistakes too come under that umbrella and the scope for blunders in its range is unfortunately very large.


The reason behind lack of transparency lies in the fact that there is limited control over the admission process. A single application form goes through many hands before the procedure is complete. Most of the times, the school employees are overworked, increasing the chances of committing an error. But, primarily, when an application goes through multiple manual processes, the authenticity is lost.


Hence, transparency is violated. And further, it becomes harder to monitor the procedure in a way that all applications are given adequate attention.


This gigantic and infamous issue can be solved by having an application that goes about the admission process with absolute clarity, where no error can be found. Dellstem is one such cloud based platform that empowers an institution and its students to have an online admission process that is completely transparent.


With Dellstem, it is easier to monitor each and every application. School management gets control over the process in a way that errors become negligible, and if any even occur, they can be rectified with consummate ease. All this makes sure that none of the enquiries, forms and enrolments go unattended!


Dellstem – Redefining Transparency!

Neetesh Goswami

Neetesh Goswami is a IT professional and Founder of Dellstem Solutions Pvt Ltd. He has 10+ years of experience in IT sector. Prior to Founding Dellstem, he worked as Senior Software Developer in reputed IT Organizations in India.

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